Looking for a new way to promote and advertise your business?
What better way, than to advertise during the Benton County Fair!
There are over 100,000 people that visit our fair annually.
Throughout the fairgrounds we have various spaces available for vendors to be able to set up; educate people, sell product and get your name out there. Inside booth space are available throughout the Sport Arena Building and outside booths throughout the grounds, perfect for those with tents or trailers.
We are always looking for new vendors, that sell or serve new products – we especially love anything on a stick!
We do preview each vendor application that comes in, to ensure your items are unique and something we don’t already offer.
Please review the below forms and information on each area, to fit your perfect spot!
2023 Table & Chair Request
Overall Fairgrounds Map
Lean To Area:
2023 Lean-To Agreement
2023 Lean-To Vendor Information
Lean To Map
Outdoor Areas:
2023 Outdoor Vendors Agreement
2023 Outdoor Vendor Information
Sports Arena Building:
2023 SAE Vendors Agreement
2023 SAE Vendor Information
Sports Arena Map

Food Vendors:
2023 Food Vendor Agreement
2023 Food Vendor Information

Please send in completed applications, ST19 and payments to:
Benton County Fair
PO Box 118
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379