The 2018 fair schedule is being finalized.

More information to follow.


2017 Fair Schedule

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

   9:30 am                    4-H Dog Show – Show Arena

Monday, July 31, 2017

   9:00am-10:30am      4-H Conference Judging of exhibits for livestock families

 10:30am – 4:30pm      4-H Conference Judging for all other exhibitors

 12:00pm – 7pm           Open Class Craft/Agricultural Exhibits-Entry Day

 12:00pm – 6pm           Commercial, Discovery and Heritage Buildings Set-Up

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

   8:30am                      Open Class Craft/Agricultural Exhibit Judging-Ag Craft Building

                                           (Building opens when judging is completed)

   9:00am – Noon          Commercial, Discovery and Heritage Buildings Set-up

   9:00am                      4-H Swine Judging-Show Arena

 10:00am                      4-H Demonstrations – Cottonwood Stage

 10:00am, 1 & 3pm       Ag in the Classroom – FFA Barnyard

 12:00pm – 9pm            Commercial, Discovery and Heritage Buildings Open

 12:00pm – 7pm            Open Class Craft/Agricultural Exhibits-Entry Day

 12:00pm – Midnight     Beer Garden Open

 12:00pm, 2 & 4pm      Slew Foot Family – Music – Cottonwood Stage

   1:00pm                     4-H Beef Judging – Show Arena

   1:00pm                     Rhonda Fochs – Cottonwood Stage

   3:00pm & 5pm          Doug Ohman – Cottonwood Stage

   5:00pm -11pm          Bingo – Lions Building

   5:00pm -11pm          Midway Open – Regular Admission

   5:30pm                     Vehicle Extraction-Sauk Rapids Fire Dept-Activity Area

   6:00pm                     4-H Lamb Lead – Show Arena

   6:30pm                     4-H Sheep Judging – Show Arena

   7:00pm                     St. Cloud Music Academy – Music – Cottonwood Stage

   7:00pm- 9pm            Motocross – Grandstand

   8:30pm-10:30pm      Snake Oil – Beer Garden Stage

          Daily Shows: Noon, 3pm and 7pm – BMX Stunt Show – Twin Cities Fantasy Factory – Activity Area

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

   8:00am                      4-H Dairy Goat Judging-Show Arena

   9:30/10:00am            4-H Dairy Judging-Starting with Showmanship-Show Arena

                                               (Start time determined based on numbers)

 10:00am- 9pm             Commercial , Discovery, Heritage and Ag Craft Buildings Open

 10:00am, 1 & 3pm       Ag in the Classroom-FFA Barnyard

 11:00am- 2pm             Farm Bureau Scavenger Hunt-Little Red Barn

 12:00pm- Midnight      Beer Garden Open

   1:00pm                      Miniature Horse Show-Horse Arena

   1:00pm- 5pm             Midway Open-$25. Armbands/All Rides

   1:00pm & 4pm           Paul Christian – Music – Cottonwood Stage

   2:00pm & 5pm           Rhonda Fochs – Cottonwood Stage

   3:00pm                      Doug Ohman – Cottonwood Stage

   5:00pm-Midnight        Midway Open-Regular Admission

   5:00pm- 11pm           Bingo – Lions Building

   6:00pm                      Premiere Showmanship Contest-Show Arena

   7:00pm                      4-H Livestock Auction-Show Arena

   7:30pm                      Demolition Derby-Grandstand

   8:30pm- Midnight      Good for Gary-Beer Garden Stage

           Daily Shows: Noon, 3pm and 7pm – BMX Stunt Show – Twin Cities Fantasy Factory – Activity Area

Thursday, August 3, 2017

   8:00am                       4-H Poultry Judging – Show Arena

 10:00am –  9:00pm      Commercial, Discovery, Heritage and Ag Craft Buildings Open

 10:00am, 1 & 3pm       Ag in the Classroom – FFA Barnyard

 10:30am                       4-H/FFA Tractor Driving Contest – Grandstand Pit Area

 12:00pm – Midnight      Beer Garden Open

 12:00pm                       4-H Aerospace Show – Horse Arena

 12:00pm, 2 & 4pm       Wendinger Band – Old Tyme Music – Cottonwood Stage 

 12:00pm- 6pm             Midway Open – Regular Admission

 12:00pm – 6pm            Reptile & Amphibian Discovery Zoo – FFA Barnyard

   1:00pm                      4-H Rabbit Judging – Show Arena

   1:00pm, 3 & 5pm       High 48’s – Bluegrass Music – Cottonwood Stage

   3:00pm – 5pm            4-H Livestock Exhibits Released-Barns closed for cleaning

   5:00pm – 11pm          Bingo – Lions Building

   6:00pm                      Truck Pull – Grandstand

   6:00pm – 11pm          Midway Open – $25. Armbands/All Rides

   6:00pm                      Horse Barn exhibits checked in

   6:00pm                      Beaus & Bells Square Dancing – Cottonwood Stage

   7:00pm                      Talent Show – Cottonwood Stage

   8:00pm – Midnight     IV Play – Beer Garden Stage

           Daily Shows: Noon, 3pm and 7pm – BMX Stunt Show – Twin Cities Fantasy Factory – Activity Area

Friday, August 4, 2017

   9:00am                        4-H Horse Pleasure Show/Cloverbuds following Showmanship – Horse Arena

   9:00am                        4-H Small Pets Show with Cat/Exotic Show following-Cottonwood Stage

   9:30am                        Open Class Sheep Show – Show Arena

 10:00am – 9pm              Commercial, Discovery, Heritage and Ag Craft Buildings Open

 10:00am, 1 & 3pm         Ag in the Classroom – FFA Barnyard

 10:00am – 11pm            Livestock Demonstrations in front of Livestock Barns

 11:00am                        4-H Lama Show – Show Arena

 11:00pm, 1 & 3pm         Halls of Magic – Cottonwood Stage

 12:00pm                        Midway Opens

 12:00pm – 6pm              Reptile & Amphibian Discovery Zoo – FFA Barnyard

 12:00pm, 2 & 4pm         Overtones – Barbershop Quartet – Cottonwood Stage  

   1:00pm – 5pm              Midway – $25. Armbands/All Rides

   1:00pm                        Cribbage Tournament – Beer Garden

   1:30, 3 & 5pm              MN Raptor Center – Activity Area

    3:00pm                        Free Corn Feed-Sponsored by Benton-Sherburne Corn Growers

   5:00pm – Midnight        Midway Open – Regular Admission

   5:00pm                        4-H Public Fashion Revue and Performing Arts Exhibition – Cottonwood Stage

   5:00pm – 11pm            Bingo – Lions Building

   5:00pm                        Tractor Pull – Antique/Out of Field/Modifieds – Grandstand

   6:00pm                        4-H Lama Costume Contest – Show Arena

   7:00pm                        K9 Dog Demonstrations – Activity Area

   7:00pm                        Talent Show – Cottonwood Stage

   8:00pm – Midnight       Red Letter Band – Beer Garden Stage

   8:30pm – 10:30pm       Rick & Tony-Classic Rock, Country & Blues-Cottonwood Stage    

Saturday, August 5, 2017

   8:00am                        Open Class Goat Show – Show Arena

   9:00am                        4-H Horse Judging/Horse Training Game Show to follow Horse

                                                      Judging – Horse Arena

   9:00am                        Open Class Rabbit Show – Poultry Barn/Outside

   9:00am                        Open Class Pigeon Show – Poultry Barn

   9:00am – 3pm              Remote Control Car Racing – Activity Area

   9:00am – 11pm            Commercial Buildings Open

   9:00am – 10pm            Discovery, Heritage and Ag Craft Buildings Open 

 10:00am                        Rooster Crowing Contest – Cottonwood Stage

 10:00am, 1 & 3pm         Ag in the Classroom – FFA Barnyard

 10:00am – Noon             Home Depot Make it & Take It – by FFA Barnyard

 10:30am                         Kids Pedal Tractor Pull – by FFA Barnyard

                                              (Registration begins at 9:30am)

 10:00am                         Open Class Dairy & District 8 Dairy Show – Show Arena

 11:00am, 1 & 3pm          SugarLoom – Music – Cottonwood Stage

 11:00am – 2pm               Farm Bureau Scavenger Hunt – Little Red Barn

 12:00pm – Midnight        Beer Garden Open

 12:00pm, 2 & 4pm         The Dollipops – Cottonwood Stage

 12:00pm – 5pm              Midway Open – $25. Armbands/All Rides

 12:00pm  11pm              Bingo – Lions Building

   4:00pm                         Open Class Lama Show – Show Arena

   5:00pm – Midnight        Midway Open – Regular Admission

   6:30pm                         Demolition Derby – Grandstand

   7:00pm                         Talent Show Finals – Cottonwood Stage

   8:30pm – Midnight        32 Below – Beer Garden Stage

   8:30pm – 10:30pm        Rick & Terry – Classic Rock, Country & Blues – Cottonwood Stage

Sunday, August 6, 2017

 10:00am                         4-H Horse Grand Entry Parade – Horse Arena

 10:00am, 1 & 3 pm         Ag in the Classroom – FFA Barnyard

 11:00am                         Open Class Beef Show – Show Arena

 11:00pm – 5pm               Commercial, Discovery, Heritage Buildings Open

 12:00pm – 5pm               Midway Open – Family Matinee – 50 cent ride tickets

 12:00pm – 5pm               Beer Garden Open

 12:00pm – 4pm               Ag Craft Building Open – will close at 4pm to prepare for exhibit release

 12:00pm – 5pm               Bingo – Lions Building

 12:00pm, 2 & 4pm          Halls of Magic – Cottonwood Stage

   1:00pm & 3pm              Paul Christian – Music – Cottonwood Stage

   1:30pm                         The ATV Big Air Tour – Grandstand

   2:00 – 4:30 pm              Shirts & Skins – Beer Garden Stage

   5:00 pm                         All exhibits released – Closing of the 105th Annual BCF