2019 Fair Schedule

Finalized activities are listed with more to be added. 

2019 Fair Schedule will be available for printing when all activities have been

finalized which will probably not be until May.

Schedule size: 11×14

Monday, July 29, 2019

   9:00am-10:30am      4-H Conference Judging of exhibits for livestock families

 10:30am – 4:30pm      4-H Conference Judging for all other exhibitors

 12:00pm – 7pm           Open Class Craft/Agricultural Exhibits-Entry Day

 12:00pm – 6pm           Commercial, Discovery and Heritage Buildings Set-Up

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

   8:30am                      Open Class Craft/Ag Exhibit Judging-Ag Craft Building

                                           (Building opens when judging is completed)

   9:00am – Noon          Commercial, Discovery and Heritage Buildings Set-up

   9:00am                      4-H Swine Judging-Show Arena

 10:00am                      4-H Demonstrations – Cottonwood Stage

 11:00am, 1 & 3pm       Ag in the Classroom – FFA Barnyard

 12:00pm – 9pm            Commercial, Discovery and Heritage Buildings Open

 12:00pm – 7pm            Open Class Craft/Agricultural Exhibits-Entry Day

 12:00pm – Midnight     Beer Garden Open

   1:00pm                     4-H Beef Judging – Show Arena

   1:00, 3 & 5pm           The Simple Guys – Music – Cottonwood Stage

   5:00pm -11pm          Midway Open – Regular Admission

   5:30pm                     Vehicle Extraction-Sauk Rapids Fire Dept-Activity Area

   6:00pm                     4-H Lamb Lead – Show Arena

   6:30pm                     4-H Sheep Judging – Show Arena

7:00pm                     St. Cloud Music Academy – Cottonwood Stage

   7:00pm- 9pm            Motocross – Grandstand

   8:00pm-Midnight      32 Below – Beer Garden Stage

                                      Wednesday, July 31, 2019

   8:00am                     4-H Dairy Goat Judging-Show Arena

   9:30/10:00am           4-H Dairy Judging-Starting w/Showmanship-Show Arena

                                               (Start time determined based on numbers)

 10:00am- 9pm            Commercial, Discovery, Heritage and Ag Craft Bldgs 


 11:00am, 1 & 3pm      Ag in the Classroom-FFA Barnyard

 11:00am- 2pm            Farm Bureau Scavenger Hunt-Little Red Barn

 11:00am – 7pm           The Reptile Sideshow – Activity Area

 12:00pm- Midnight      Beer Garden Open

   1:00pm                      Miniature Horse Show-Horse Arena

   1:00pm- 5pm             Midway Open-$25. Armbands/All Rides

   5:00pm-Midnight        Midway Open-Regular Admission

   6:00pm                      4-H Premiere Showmanship Contest-Show Arena

   7:00pm                      4-H Livestock Auction-Show Arena

   7:30pm                      Demolition Derby-Grandstand

 8:00pm-Midnight        IV Play – Beer Garden Stage

Thursday, August 1, 2019

   8:00am                       4-H Poultry Judging – Show Arena

 10:00am –  9:00pm      Commercial, Discovery, Heritage and Ag Craft Bldgs


 10:30am                       4-H/FFA Tractor Driving Contest – Grandstand Pit Area

 11:00am, 1 & 3pm        Ag in the Classroom – FFA Barnyard

 12:00pm – Midnight      Beer Garden Open

 12:00pm                       4-H Aerospace Show – Horse Arena

 12:00pm- 6pm             Midway Open – Regular Admission

 12:00pm – 6pm            Reptile & Amphibian Discovery Zoo – FFA Barnyard

  1:00pm                       4-H Rabbit Judging – Show Arena

  1:00, 3 & 5pm             Kelly Marson – Hypnotist – Cottonwood Stage

  3:00pm – 5pm             4-H Livestock Exhibits Released-Barns closed for


   3pm – 6pm                 4-H Kids Fun – Exhibit Building

   6:00pm                      Truck Pull – Grandstand

   6:00pm – 11pm          Midway Open – $25. Armbands/All Rides

   6:00pm                      Horse Barn Opens

   6:00pm                      Beaus & Bells Square Dancing – Cottonwood Stage

   7:00pm                      Talent Show – Cottonwood Stage

Friday, August 2, 2019

   9:00am                       4-H Horse Pleasure Show/Cloverbuds following

                                          Showmanship – Horse Arena

   9:00am                       4-H Small Pets Show with Cat/Exotic Show following-

                                          Cottonwood Stage

   9:00am                       Open Class Poultry/Pigeon Show – Poultry Barn

   9:30am                       Open Class Sheep Show – Show Arena

 10:00am – 9pm             Commercial, Discovery, Heritage and Ag Craft Bldgs


 10:00am – 11pm           Livestock Demonstrations in front of Livestock Barns

 11:00am, 1 & 3pm        Ag in the Classroom – FFA Barnyard

 11:00am – 2pm              4-H Kids Fun – Exhibit Building

 11:00am                        4-H Lama Show – Show Arena

 11:00, 1 & 3pm             Wendinger Band – Old Tyme Music – Cottonwood Stage

 12:00pm                       Midway Opens

 12:00pm – 6pm             Reptile & Amphibian Discovery Zoo – FFA Barnyard

 12:00pm, 2 & 4pm        Kelly Marson – Hypnotist – Cottonwood Stage 

   1:00pm – 5pm             Midway – $25. Armbands/All Rides

   1:00pm                       Cribbage Tournament – Beer Garden

   3:00pm                        Free Corn Feed-Sponsored by Benton-Sherburne

                                          Corn Growers

   5:00pm – Midnight       Midway Open – Regular Admission

   5:00pm                        4-H Public Fashion Revue and Performing Arts

                                           Exhibition – Cottonwood Stage

   5:00pm                        Tractor Pull-Antique/Out of Field/Mods-Grandstand

   6:00pm                        4-H Lama Costume Contest – Show Arena

   7:00pm                        K9 Dog Demonstrations – Activity Area

   7:00pm                        Talent Show – Cottonwood Stage


Saturday, August 3, 2019

   8:00am                        Open Class Goat Show – Show Arena

   9:00am                        4-H Horse Judging/Horse Training Game Show

                                           to follow Horse Judging – Horse Arena

   9:00am                        Open Class Rabbit Show – Poultry Barn/Outside

   9:00am – 10pm            Commercial Buildings Open

   9:00am – 10pm            Discovery, Heritage and Ag Craft Buildings Open 

 10:00am                        Rooster Crowing Contest – Cottonwood Stage

 10:00am – Noon            Home Depot Make it & Take It – by FFA Barnyard

 10:30am                        Kids Pedal Tractor Pull – by FFA Barnyard

                                              (Registration begins at 9:30am)

 10:00am                        Open Class Dairy Show – Show Arena

 11:00am, 1 & 3 pm        Ag in the Classroom – FFA Barnyard

 11:00am – 2pm               Farm Bureau Scavenger Hunt – Little Red Barn

 11:00am – 2pm               4-H Kids Fun – Exhibit Building 

 12:00pm – Midnight        Beer Garden Open

 12:00pm – 5pm              Midway Open – $25. Armbands/All Rides

 12:00pm  11pm              Bingo – Lions Building

   3:00pm                         Open Class Lama Show – Show Arena

   5:00pm – Midnight        Midway Open – Regular Admission

   6:30pm                         Demolition Derby – Grandstand

   7:00pm                         Talent Show Finals – Cottonwood Stage

Sunday, August 4, 2019

 10:00am                         4-H Horse Grand Entry Parade – Horse Arena

 10:00am, 1 & 3 pm         Ag in the Classroom – FFA Barnyard

 11:00am                         Open Class Beef Show – Show Arena

 11:00pm – 5pm               Commercial, Discovery, Heritage Buildings Open

 11:00am                         Tribute to Those That Serve Parade

 12:00pm – 5pm               Midway Open – Family Matinee – 50 cent ride tickets

12:00pm – 5pm               Beer Garden Open

 12:00pm – 4pm               Ag Craft Building Open – will close at 4pm to 

                                           prepare for exhibit release

   5:00 pm                        All exhibits released – Closing of the 106th Annual BCF