Open Class Ag Craft and Livestock Information

2016 Premium Book

2017 Premium Book coming soon…

You do not need to be a resident of Benton County to enter!!

Entry forms may be mailed to: Benton County Fair, PO Box 118, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

or emailed to You will receive a confirmation email if you email your form.

Please make sure that you receive one. If you do not, we did not receive your email.

Livestock Exhibitors

You must complete the registration form the for species that you will be exhibiting at the fair.

The State of MN is requiring that all animals are tagged or identified and any required paperwork

is brought to the fair with the animal. Copies of any required paperwork will be made

at the fair so the documentation can remain on file with the Ag. Society. All animals except

lamas may only be shown by the owner or person that is leasing the animal, not by both.

Registration forms for livestock classes:

Beef     Dairy     Goat     Lama     Pigeon     Poultry     Rabbit     Sheep     Swine

Agricultural and Craft Exhibitors

 Entry day: Monday, July 31 from Noon-7pm

Judging Day: Tuesday, August 1 at 8:30 am
More daily contests in 2017!!
New departments, classes and lots that were added in 2016…
Scarecrows – They’re back!!
Agriculture – Vegetable Vehicles and Dress Your Vege
Flowers – Fairy Gardens
Baking – Sugar Free, Gluten Free and Heritage Baking
Pickles, Canning and Jellies – Dehydrated Meats…jerky anyone?
Homemade Mead and Hard Cider
Needlework – Spinning and Homespun Fiber Clothing
Home Accessories – Costumes
Hobby Craft – Garden Sculptures and Adult Coloring Pages
… and we’re working on new ones for 2017!!