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Facebook: Benton County Fair

Driving Directions

If on Minnesota Highway 23, turn north onto Wilson Avenue. (Wilson Avenue is in eastern Saint Cloud, just east of the Mississippi River and west of U.S. Highway 10). Proceed north on Wilson Avenue. When Wilson Avenue curves slightly, the faigrounds will be one block to the east (right).

If on U.S. Highway 10, turn west onto Saint Germain Street. (Saint Germain Street is located just north of the Minnesota Highway 23 interchange and just south of the Benton Drive interchange.) Proceed west on Saint Germain Street until Wilson Avenue (do not cross the Mississippi River). Turn north (right) onto Wilson Avenue. When Wilson Avenue curves slightly, the fairgrounds will be one block to the east (right).



On-grounds parking is not free. Attendants will assist (and collect money) along the fairgrounds perimeter fence. Paid parking is also available by entering the fairgrounds via 12th Street (north edge of the fairgrounds).

Several nearby roads have free on-street parking. Some neighboring residences offer paid parking on their private properties.

Merchant packets include a permit for parking west of the fairgrounds. Additional merchant permits can be purchased from the office.

On-Grounds Parking Fees for 2013
Daily Auto and Motorcycle Parking $ 5.00
On-Grounds Season Pass $20.00

Metro Bus

The fairgrounds is accessible via Saint Cloud Metro Bus. The Sauk Rapids route stops just one block from the main gate, at the intersection of 14th Avenue South and 2nd Avenue (aka Wilson Avenue).

The northbound bus stops at approximately 20 and 50 minutes past the hour. The southbound bus stops approximately on the hour and 30 minutes past the hour. The complete Sauk Rapids bus schedule is available as a PDF file. Normal bus fares apply.

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